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If you desire, you can start the construction of your boat by your own, and this can be a Bi-loup. Hence WRIGHTON authorises to deliver the boat at different stages of construction, for the 4 models.

Les bateaux en kit

WRIGTHON will deliver the hull (+ ballasted keels) as a minimum. This permits a great economy to the boat construction, as well as a perfect personnalisation of the vessel and a great knowledge of the details of construction.

WRIGHTON warranty:

– Keels are laminated directly to the hull. This gives a great rigidity and smoothness to the transition between keels and hull. No bolts, no risks of water penetration and/or corrosion.

– Deck and superstructures are directly laminated with reinforcements, recess for deck fitting as well as anti slip already impregnated within the gel coat.

– The inside part of the hull is moulded with positionning of bulkheads, technical equipement (tanks and engine) in order to facilitate at best, the next steps of construction.

A fully detailled construction manual is provided in order to give you all the information that are necessary to build the boat in full autonomy and total safety.