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All our boats are buit and launched directly in Caen (Normandy). Boats are tested, validated and the delivered to the owner. This can be done directly on the marina of the future owner, or at the shipyard (Caen) as the owner prefers.Simplicity, fiability and optimisation are the key words of our conceptions and realisation.

Sortie en mer

You want to buy a Bi-Loup ? You want to sail it before. Our team can propose to sail onboard one of Bi-Loup’s boat for half a day. You will sail with the owner of the boat directly. Book your sea trial now.

Bi-Loup Communauté

Already many Bi-Loup’s owner love Bi-Loup’s boats !
They are sharing their own experiences, sailing and/or moorings with text and pictures in differents blogs. This is Bi-Loup’s Community. Here discover the list of blogs and website.