Bi-Loup90 is 30′ twin keel sailing boat.

Designed for security familial cruises, this unit is confortable and presents a great habitability inside and within the cockpit.

The boat can be delivered in Classic interior design style or Modern interior style



Bi-Loup90 is the middle size model from WRIGHTON Brand.

This twin keel sailing boat permits longer sailing experiences since the volume inside is larger and permits 6 to 6 people to live inside for a few weeks. The unit is the best seller of the brand with more than hundreds of units already sailing everywhere around the world.

The boat is presented in 2 cabins version.

The boat is equiped with a real chart table and a confortable saloon. As all other Wrighton boats, the panoramic roof allows an exceptionnal vision toward the outside, at mooring same as during navigations.


Wrighton boat keels are integrating the ballast of the boat. They are lamniated with very thick layers of composite: no less than 15mm of fibre glass is applied on appendages in order to ensure stiffness especially during landing, as well as great strength in case of grounding.

Keel bases are protected with dedicated “socks” realised in carbon and kevlar laminates: this in order to protect the keel bottom for regular grounding. These “socks” can be removed after long time and changed by new ones.

The boat is equiped with a single tiller in order to propose great manoeuvrability. The deep rudder allows a great stability in case of landing.

  • Overall length : 10,98 m
  • Hull length : 10,72 m
  • Waterline length : 10,12 m
  • Overall breadth : 3,80 m
  • Draft : 1,40 m
  • Light ship displacement : 6,50 tonnes
  • Ballast : 2 400 kg
  • Upwind sail area : 74,6 m²
  • Motorisation (Volvo) : 55 cv (40cv in standard)
  • Fresh water capacity : 2 x 150 L (ou 1x150L)
  • Fuel capacity : 150 L (ou 2x150L)
  • Certification : A
  • Height inside : 1,94 m
  • Number of berth : 6 à 8
  • Hot water (option) : 20 L
  • Black water tank (option) : 40 L

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