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The word of the Designer

Vincent Lebailly, Bi-Loup’s designer

For all sailors, Bi-Loup stands as a reference: A solid boat capable of sailing in any conditions and designed for landing easily and with 100% safety. Bi-Loup is also famous for the habitability inside, the great height within the interior as well as the visibility outside thanks to the great panoramic windows.

Here are the main strength of Bi-Loup’s Concept.

New hulls are now much larger in order to improve the hull stability and the power of the boat. Also this increse in the boat width permits to improve the size of the cockpit and the dimensions of rear cabins. From years, WRIGHTON tends to improve performances of Bi-Loup’s boats, increasing the stability as well as the rig performances.

From years now, Bi-Loup’s keels are moulded within the hull. These are real and safe advantages in order to land in total safety. We have now decided to equipped the keel bases with “sockets” (built in carbon and kevlar) in order to improve the strength of the keel when it comes to kick a rock for instance.

As a yacht designer I am personnally fully attached to Bi-Loup’s brand. The optimisations we are doing on each units permits to improve both the safety AND the boat performances.